Password not working?

To those who have downloaded the packages and found out that the password is not working, try typing in the password manually. We can confirm that the password does work. For some reason, copy and pasting the password seems to be giving an invalid password error.


Cheers and happy downloading!

About is a site or rather a blog dedicated to provide TOTALLY free flash animations for your personal, commercial, or any use you may find in your own work, projects or design. All of the flash animations that you may find in this site are done, compiled, designed, compiled, rearranged and packaged internally. Most of the free flash animations that you download from this site are provided with both the source (FLA) and the compiled version (SWF).

If you intend to contribute some of your own flash animations for all of us to use, just kindly leave a comment within the latest post with your files and description. For more information, you may read the READMEFIRST.TXT file that you can find within each download.

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